Did you end up here because you were referred to me by Astia? If so, please start with this binder:

Venture Presentation How to A...

A Note from Barbara Tallent

I originally set up this website when I was doing consulting work. But in November of 2006 I became involved in a very exciting start-up called LiveBinders and I no longer provide consulting services.

LiveBinders offers a better way to share and show the information you find on the web with the age-old concept of putting it in a binder! Check out LiveBinders to see it in action or take a look at some of my business binders here:

Though I have to admit that my favorite binder is my soccer team binder. This was a great way to distribute important information and links to the team. The girls were the city champs in U10 AYSO!

Barbara's Soccer Binder

Follow Me

You can follow me on Twitter as I work to get LiveBinders off the ground: http://twitter.com/barbaratallent


If you are just here looking for my background, here it is:

I have spent over 25 years in the computer industry and was the President/CEO of BoldFish (email marketing software) for about four years. I sold BoldFish to Siebel Systems (now Oracle). Prior to that, I held several executive positions at a number of Internet startup companies including Vice President of Marketing at Netmosphere, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Intervista. I spent six years with NCD, most recently with the Z-Mail division as General Manager and Director of Messaging Products which I sold to NetManage. I have a diverse range of experience, coming up through the ranks in product marketing, and working for other well-known companies including SGI, Verity, Pyramid Technologies, Altos Computers, Fortune Systems, and Raytheon Data Systems (Lexitron).

Other Activities

I volunteer with Astia (Formerly Women's Technology Cluster) working with some of their exciting start-up companies.

I also run a website for product marketing managers in technology that provides them with the resources that they need to do their job.